It’s afternoon now, the day after the injury. My knee is full and swollen, but not very painful; just uncomfortable. I can’t straighten it completely.

Even though my primary doctor is on vacation, she still sends me a reply through the insurance app.

“Hey, go to Radiology. I already put you in for X-rays. They’re open until 9pm.”

That’s just efficient.

So we get over there, and very quickly got the X-rays done after changing into the very complicated wraparound gown that seems to have 13 flaps. The technician says this is just to rule out any immediate problems like fractures. The films are going to be read within 20 minutes remotely, so just hang tight.

As expected, no fractures or dislocations. Just effusion. Fancy word for swelling.

We go home. It’s well past dinner time. Another message arrives in my app. Primary doc again.

“Hey, the only Ortho appointment I can get is tomorrow at 3:30pm. Can you make it?”

I love this woman.

“Of course I’ll take it. I want this diagnosed right now!”

More waiting. I try to sleep, with my leg propped up.

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