About knee flexion

I’ve now been to the ACL Group a couple of times, and have worked with most of the physical therapists. Just about the most important thing the physical therapists have been talking about is getting the range of motion back as soon as possible. Both flexion and extension. The surgeons and the Ortho department are far more conservative about flexing beyond a certain point for the first few weeks – some say no more than 90 degrees, some 120 degrees. However, these physical therapists want it flexed as much as possible, as soon as possible.

Here are some exercises that they showed me:

The Stretch Out Strap is what the ACL Group used to help do some of the stretching.

And since I play with my knee a lot doing rehab, I discovered that kneeling on it is a great way to increase the flexion. Here’s a video showing something similar:

Because I used to do stretches like the following, I needed to get back to that level of flexion to be symmetric.

Here’s another video with more info:

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