An old face

This guy looks familiar at the PT group today. Unfortunately he is telling the PTs that he is having trouble fully straightening his leg, so they are discussing more specific exercises to address this.

Eventually at some point I find a good opening.

“Hey isn’t your name Blake?”


“I played with your team a couple of times a while back in <insert city>. Another time I played against you and we had an awful collision! You busted your nose and I took a really hard hit to the quad.”

“Oh man, I remember that!”

“I’m sorry to hear about your complications. How far out are you?”

“I think I’m a few months ahead of you.”

Later on in the session I see him on an uphill treadmill walking in the reverse direction, so it looks like he’s walking backward uphill against the movement of the belt, presumably in an attempt to help his knee extension.

“By the way,” he tells me, “you look really good at Week 6.”

Christ. I feel so awkward.

“I hope you get better very soon.”

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