Newcastle v. Manchester City kit clash

It seems I’m not the only one concerned about kits


I think Kit Crimes and Away Kit Watch are slightly more concerned with clubs wearing symbolic and recognizable colors while avoiding kit clashes and nakedly commercial kit decisions, whereas I am slightly more concerned with players telling each other apart on the pitch than club colors. Either way, we all have a point.

Yes, home teams should wear home kits, and officials usually make that a priority, but that is not always possible. Some of these cases keeping home teams in their home kits are downright ridiculous.

Huddersfield’s home kit is blue and white, and that obviously does not clash with red. But, to sell jerseys, they wore yellow instead.

Fine margins

What an absolutely mesmerizing top-of-the-table match today between Manchester City and Liverpool!

We already saw how well VAR worked at the World Cup last summer. How in 2019 the “traditionalists” (read: dinosaurs) are still debating using technology in soccer is absolutely baffling…

Burnley v. West Ham kit clash

Burnley again.

They both have a similar home kit, and West Ham wore their third kit here. But, Burnley has an all-black away kit and West Ham has a teal blue away kit with yellow socks.

Locadia offside?

Quite an interesting and unusual offside situation.

Brighton takes a corner. The ball evades everyone. Until it hits Everton’s Andre Gomes, who totally didn’t expect it, and bounces to Jurgen Locadia, who is in an offside position and scores.

But he has not committed an offside offence. That’s the difference.